Guided application onboarding flow & templates reduces the steep learning curve for Kubernetes
Setup environments, deployments & CI/CD in minutes using templates, built-in tekton tasks & BYO tekton tasks (GitOps ready)
Template catalogue promotes reusability of best practices recipes & solutions among teams
Provides a single pane-of-glass across multiple kubernetes clusters on-prem or cloud, providing a consolidated view of your applications


Deploy An Application To Multiple Kubernetes Clusters In Minutes With Basic Kubernetes Knowledge

App Director hides the complexity of Kubernetes by enabling developers to be productive with Kubernetes from day one. Application onboarding wizard, Templates, built-in CI tasks and YAML code generation allows an application and it’s CI/CD to be set up on to multiple kubernetes clusters in minutes with minimal knowledge on Kubernetes while promoting automation and reducing operator errors.

You can point to a git repo and Containerize & Deploy an Application to multiple Kubernetes clusters within minutes without writing a single line of YAML and only requires very basic knowledge of kubernetes.

Improve Automation & Reusability - Share Best Practices Recipes & Enforce Standards

Templates & template catelogue allows organizations and teams to share best practices recipes and enforce standards while promoting automation and reusability across teams.

The Application and environment templates makes it easy by providing best practices based recipes empowering your teams to deploy applications faster by leveraging the knowledge shared by Randoli or your internal teams.

Randoli provides a set of templates to get you going out-of-the box. Organizations can build their own templates. They can use the built-in-templates as a starting point or build from scratch.


Single Pane-Of-Glass Across Multiple Clusters & Cloud Vendors

Most organizations are adopting a multi cluster strategy to increase availability, isolation & scalability. Therefore it's common to several kubernetes clusters including multiple production clusters.

Some organizations have clusters on multiple cloud vendors to take advantage of specialized capabilities offered by a vednor.

With App Director, your developers get a single pane-of-glass across multiple clusters, providing a consolidated view of an application's environments without having to log into each cluster individually.

The single pane-of-glass provides a unified interface across multiple cloud vendors reducing the need for vendor specific knowledge as well as providing an easy access management solution via App Director instead of each cluster/vendor.